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Established in 1993, Marafie Kuwaitia Commercial Co. has emerged over the years to become a leading provider of a wide range of support services for its diverse clientele in Kuwait and beyond.

The company's firm reputation is centered on its capability to provide high quality and professional HR solutions, most notably in the fields of Security and Labor Contracting.

Whether the requirement is recruitment, sponsorship, training, logistics, management, or consultancy, Marafie Kuwaitia has the experience, vision and assets to get the job done.


Our philosophy is guided by three fundamental principles:


Service is the core of our business, and therefore the prime consideration in all approaches to our clients. We don't seek to meet our clients' expectations, but to surpass them.

Trust We recognize that business should not - and cannot flourish on a platform that is too rigid. At Marafie Kuwaitia we understand that flexibility and trust are essential in certain situations to accomplish both small tasks and large missions. Our clients are at ease knowing we will be at their service in times of need, regardless of existing contractual framework.

Ethics Incorporating moral principles and ethics into the way we do business has been vital for the progress of our organization. Only by being honest, fair and transparent have we been able to grow as successfully as we have. We don't view our clients as benefactors, but as partners.

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